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Ken Ishii " Over Driver " feat. Shing02(Original ’01 Mix)

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Over Driver feat. Shing02(Original ’01 Mix) – recording from 1999
from Ken Ishii 15th Anniversary disc “The Works + Unreleased & Unexpected”, released 11/25/09
Over Driver
pure optical waves, optimistic
it’s fantasy how the world go around
axis tilt, in fact it’s still impact centrifugal
breaking sounds down
no time to waste, we got fuel to burn
circuitry to the last transistor
semiconductor of electric orchestra
spinal metronomes force quit
for quick restart
activate frequency
key sequence to gain control, alternative escape
fly over digital matrices the landscapes
serve love like maitre-d’s
the hand shapes digital dialog
cross section of the human brain
reverse cellular oxidation
discovering, hovering interground
trace integral curve
time as a function of bodily fluid
motion detector
hyper sensitive transfer protocol
package photon receptor
recipient iris, destination osiris
7cf, hexadecimal
raise the decibel, symphony
infinitesimal cyclical miracle
sick lyrical spherical vision, panoramic
prohibition type incision
scope double that of a hubble
search for the inner spiritual fetal position
non-gravitational re-evolver
adaptation in space station
transcend word definition
create, manifest tangible
shatter-proof mandible
access mothership, point rendez-vous
always on the move
over driver
over driver
I am the over driver
we are the over driver
you are the over driver
π-phase shift up gears into overdrive
K.I. approaching light speed
From shing02
This song so goooood!!
Thank you !